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Hello and welcome to Opportunity Chiropractic, Inc.! My name is Dr. Loreto Lo Bosco and I am the founder and practicing Chiropractor in Buffalo Grove.

Our office is located on the corner of Dundee road and Golfview terrace, just behind the Fifth Third bank. We are east of Arlington Heights road and west of Buffalo Grove road.

I originally decided to become a Chiropractor in order to take care of my father. He had lower back pain for years and never did anything to take care of it. One day, he finally saw a Chiropractor and it helped! Since that day, I decided I wanted to help my father with his pain and set off on the path to becoming a Chiropractor. Our office is located in Buffalo Grove so that I can be near my father and continue to provide him with care.

Upon returning from California, I discovered that Chiropractors around the Buffalo Grove area do not treat patients with the same methods that I had learned while in school. Many Chiropractors in the area do not perform Chiropractic adjustments to restore joint alignment and mobility. Instead, the focus on physical therapy type modalities. That is where our office excels, providing Chiropractic adjustments. It is the most powerful tool that a Chiropractor has to offer. Our office also addresses issues with extremities (arms and legs) as well as very gentle adjusting treatments and massage therapy.

A few very common conditions that our patients present with are: headaches, low back pain, neck pain, stress, shoulder pain, foot pain, wrist pain, knee pain and overall stiffness. One of the more prevalent conditions is stress and stiffness. Our office sees great results with these patients due to the combined effectiveness of Chiropractic treatments and massage therapy. This care plan considers multiple sources that can cause problems and prevent them from improving.

We have patients that come to our office, either as first time patients or as long time Chiropractic patients from other offices, which have concerns. One of the most common concerns is “I don’t like the cracking/popping sound”. We explain to patients at the very start that their comfort is very important. In order for proper Chiropractic treatment to be given, the patient must be relaxed and comfortable. We use multiple Chiropractic techniques, one of which avoids the whole “cracking/popping” scenario completely so that fearful patients are put at ease.

We strongly urge you to ask questions. Don’t put off getting the help you need. Give our office a call or send us an email. Click on our new patient special to get started today! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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“Dr. Lo Bosco is extremely professional and listens to you to make sure he understands your needs. I would highly recommend other patients that are in need of chiropractic care to see Dr. Lo Bosco.”

- Noreen S.

“Dr. Lo Bosco is an excellent chiropractor who wants to help patients in any way he is able.”

- Cherie C.

“Extremely patient-oriented, great listener. Explains the process and how the body reacts to stress, etc. Staff is friendly, helpful, and it's a pleasant experience coming into the office.”

- Susan B.

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355 West Dundee Road #110A

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